Scientist- C,

Agriculture Biotechnology Lab,

Centre for Climate Change Studies,

Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology,


Welcome to Agriculture Biotechnology lab

  • Former research scholar International Rice Research Institute, Philippines

  • PhD Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

  • MSc (Agri.) Biotechnology Kerala Agricultural University

  • BSc(Agri.) Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

Area of interest:

Plant-insect interaction, Insect genomics, Functional genomics of biotic and abiotic tolerance mechanism in rice

The main objective of our lab is on understanding plant biotic and abiotic stress tolerance mechanisms and broadly we focus on how plants being sessile cope with biotic and abiotic factors simultaneously, and how plants interacts with their counteracts specifically, the mechanism behind their interactions and cross talk in plant defenses and how the information can be further employed for crop improvement and crop protection.

The main themes of our lab:

  • Cross talk in plant defense:  Crosstalk in defense signaling against combined stress factors in plants is not well known. We are much interested in revealing how individual stress specific components interact; the regulatory components involved, whether they are synergist or antagonist with other stress pathways/regulators and how a tailored response is generated by the plant against combined stress conditions.

  • Insect-plant interactions: Develop stable and durable pest management strategies against crop pests .We study how insect communities interacts and facilitates in host adaptation and the mechanism involved, role of gut microbes in adaptation, .detoxification enzymes and genome evolution in adaptation against host plants and insecticides.